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Dave Yuncke

Dave’s love of music began at the age of five when he got his first piano. His focus on music continued to grow as he performed in area churches and local events in his youth. Having graduated from
West Liberty State College with degrees in business and music, he obtained his K-12 teaching degree and served as an educator in our local public, private and Christian school systems for 20 years. For fifteen years, he was the tenor member of the cappella troupe, Ye Olde Carolers and for more than 10 years was a vocalist and keyboard player for the contemporary Christian band Judah. Currently, Dave’s primary occupation is that of a private music instructor, specializing in voice, piano, trumpet, and music theory studies. He has been the Music Director of St. John’s Evangelical Protestant Church since 2001, leading praise and worship and directing our choir.

Karen Yuncke

Karen got her start singing in school variety shows and in church. After eight years singing with her church praise and worship team, she joined the band Judah as a background vocalist.  In 2002 she and Dave began a ministry to local churches and 2003 they were married. Ever since, they have sung together at St. John’s and have traveled together ministering in praise and worship service, and singing at weddings, coffee houses, restaurants and area special events.

Dave & Karen Yuncke

Dave & Karen

Shawn Aldag

Shawn is a native of Wheeling and began studying music at the age of eight.  Having been raised a Catholic, Shawn began the study of the organ at age twelve with Sr. Carol Hanning. He spent two years at West Liberty State College in the study of piano and organ. He obtained an Associate Degree in Instrumentation and Control at Jefferson Technical College, in Ohio. He currently works as a digital organ technician for Gerrero-Kirk Classic Organs and has been the organist for St. John’s Evangelical Protestant Church since 2002.


Our Choir


St. John’s Pipers

In the summer of 2012 some members of St. John’s thought of starting a recorder ensemble. They spoke with Milt Nugent, as they knew he and his wife, Joan, played recorders. Milt studied music in college, and has played bassoon and baritone horn in carious professional groups including the Wheeling Symphony.  Milt agreed to start up this project, and started teaching players on the Soprano and Tenor recorders. Joan had been a vocalist and at one time played the clarinet. About ten years ago she took up the recorder, and studied under Fred Moyes who was the director of the Pittsburgh Recorder Society. She and Milt played with the PRS for several years. She now helps member on the Alto and Bass recorders. Currently, there are six members in the group which has been named the St. John’s Pipers. They have played for several of our Church services, and will continue adding to the praise of God through music.  New players are always welcome.

Melt & Joan

Doc & Joan

St. John’s Pipers Pentecost Sunday

St. John's Pipers 1